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“My role within the RBSi Panel is to provide ventilation solutions that meet the current building challenges regarding energy efficiency and indoor air quality.”

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing property, finding the most suitable ventilation solution to meet the needs of both your family and your home, on a budget, can be challenging. This challenge is magnified by the increasing demands placed on homeowners to comply with complex building regulations.

With the ever-increasing levels of airtightness in buildings and more time spent indoors, the need for adequate ventilation has never been more important. AerHaus’s “Best Practice” design approach will ensure excellent indoor air quality, improving the health and well-being of you and your family.



AerHaus represents some of the largest European manufacturers of domestic & commercial ventilation equipment and are therefore ideally positioned to offer you a custom solution for your project every time.

Our experienced team have managed a significant number of complex and challenging ventilation projects in both commercial and residential properties throughout Ireland and the UK. AerHaus offer value-engineered solutions to meet all budgets. Your dedicated AerHaus point of contact will work with you from initial contact through to project completion, guaranteeing consistent, end to end support.


AerHaus’s technical and sales team will guide you through the requirements of Part F Compliance and assist you in overcoming design & onsite challenges to ensure your project meets the ventilation regulations while specifying practical and cost-efficient solutions.​​

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Stephen Walsh

MD Aerhaus

Ventilation Specialist


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"don't compromise on air quality - your health is your wealth"


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