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“My role within the RBSi team is to help clients find a finance solution be it for a new housing development, energy retrofit, innovative heating and ventilation systems or a retrofit lighting system for an office block”…


Diarmuid has worked at a senior level within banking and financial services for over 25 years. His primary focus over the last number of years is to help clients find flexible and competitive solutions when purchasing new equipment or assets to allow clients grow their businesses and generate more profits. 
In line with this philosophy Diarmuid shows a willingness to innovate and constantly seeks reliable new opportunities for clients. He has a number of banks and finance houses ready to lend in Ireland particularly to the construction industry  

Diarmuid McAuliffe has built up significant expertise in the healthcare, transport, IT, construction, and engineering and agriculture sectors over a 25 year career.  While recognizing that each client will have different requirements, his aim is to facilitate growth by providing flexible and competitive solutions in the residential and commercial construction finance space and equipment leasing 

Diarmuid has a strong entrepreneurial bias and is currently a director and shareholder in several companies including Mespil Finance and Leasing and Bream Real Estate. He is a graduate of the Institute of Technology and a Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland. He is an Approved Product Advisor with accreditation from University College Dublin. 

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Diarmuid McAuliffe

Construction & Energy Retrofit Finance Solutions


"Construction finance is normal and having diverse finance solutions is key for developers to advance projects"


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